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1 the short weak cry of a young bird [syn: cheep]
2 a secret look [syn: peek]


1 look furtively; "He peeped at the woman through the window"
2 cause to appear; "he peeped his head through the window"
3 make high-pitched sounds; of birds [syn: twirp, cheep, chirp, chirrup]
4 speak in a hesitant and high-pitched tone of voice
5 appear as though from hiding; "the new moon peeped through the tree tops"

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  • , /piːp/, /pi:p/

Etymology 1

Onomatopoeic, from pepen


  1. A quiet sound, particularly one from a baby bird.
  2. A feeble utterance or complaint.
    I don't want to hear a peep out of you!
  3. A kind of bird; a sandpiper.


  1. To make a soft, shrill noise like a baby bird.
  2. To speak briefly with a quiet voice.

Etymology 2

From pepen, variant of piken


  1. To look, while trying not to be seen or noticed.
    The man peeped through the small hole.


  1. A quick look or glimpse, especially a furtive one.

Etymology 3

Of uncertain origin


  1. A spot on a die or domino.

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bend the eyes, blink, bug, cackle, call, carol, case, cast, caw, chatter, cheep, chip, chipper, chirk, chirm, chirp, chirr, chirrup, chitter, chuck, clack, cluck, cock-a-doodle-doo, complaint, coo, croak, cronk, crow, cuckoo, direct the eyes, drum, flash, gabble, gaggle, gander, glance, glimpse, gobble, grumble, guggle, half an eye, honk, hoo, hoot, look, look over, make a reconnaissance, meddle, murmur, nose, ogle, outcry, peek, peer, pip, pipe, play peekaboo, play the spy, protest, protestation, pry, put under surveillance, quack, quick sight, rapid glance, reconnoiter, roll, scold, scout, scout out, sing, slant, snoop, sound, spy, spy out, squawk, squeak, squiz, stake out, stare, take a peep, trill, tweedle, tweet, twit, twitter, warble, watch, whistle, wink
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